Chalupa Daisy Posázaví: rekreační ubytování blízko Prahy

Posázaví on a Bike and Cycling Routes in the Surroundings of Sázava

Every year, hundreds of thousands of cyclists take trips across the country. Many of them choose Posázaví for their journey. This region offers everything a cycling enthusiast could wish for. Picturesque landscapes with varied terrain, the breathtaking valley of the Sázava River, medieval castles and chateaus, and of course a vast network of cycle paths that will take you to the heart of the most beautiful places.

Sázava cycling route No. 19

This route stretches along the entire length of the Sázava River for a total of over 200 km. It starts in Davle, but during your stay with us you can join it directly in Bohuliby, as it follows the access road preceding the turn-off to the cottage. After approximately one kilometre, you will turn right onto a diversion of the trail marked 19E, which will take you past the adits in Studené to the Žampach viaduct. From here you can continue via the Jílovské zlaté doly nature trail. In Kamenný Přívoz, turn left along route 8221, which will take you back to the main trail No. 19. The more adventurous ones among you can choose the 4 km longer main trail 19 with a climb around Grybla Hill. You will be rewarded with a view of the lower Posázaví at the viewpoint on Panská skála. From here, you will only have a brisk downhill ride to Týnec nad Sázavou. In the town itself, do not miss a visit to the local castle. If you still have enough strength, you can extend the route to Čerčany. In this case, you will have about 22km to ride in total. On the way back you can choose to take the Posázavský Pacific train, which stops in both Čerčany and Týnec. You can get off in Davle and take the Sázava cycle path back home to Bohuliby.

Konopiště Chateau Park

You can combine a visit to Konopiště Castle with a bike trip for your children. The extensive castle park is crossed by several asphalt paths where cars are not allowed. The place is therefore ideal for small cyclists. They can try out several routes that are around 3 to 6 km long.

The route around Český Šternberk

From the foothills of this beautiful castle, you can go on a cycling tour along the Sázava River. On route 0073, turn off at Poříček onto the green hiking trail, which will take you downstream to Ledeček. From there, the red trail will take you to Rataje nad Sázavou, where you can visit the castle of the same name or Pirkštejn Castle. You can return to Český Šternberk by following the Sázava Trail No. 19, which, however, has a long and demanding climb. We recommend that you choose the train instead.

Not only these beautiful cycling routes await you in Posázaví. So put on your cycling goggles and join us on an unforgettable adventure through the beauty of this breathtaking region. We are sure you will love Posázaví as much as we do!