Accommodation in the region of Posázaví
Welcome to the wild land of tramps and holiday cottages
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Welcome to Posázaví, a wild region of tramps and holiday cottages. Numerous adits scattered in the forests indicate the rich history of gold mining. Local nature is the best remedy for the everyday stress of the city. When you choose us as your holiday destination, you will be enchanted by the abundance of greenery, silence, and at night a starry sky without light smog. Within driving distance of the cottage, you will find a number of picturesque valleys, rocks, hiking, and boating trails.


The first written reports on the foundation of Bohuliby date back to 1388. The first settlers attributed the big quantity of local gold to God’s favor. And the people who settled here would therefore be “in God’s favor” – in Czech “Bohu libí”.

Our accommodation Daisy was built more than 100 years ago. In spring of 2017, a new chapter began to be written, when we started the transformation of the dilapidated ruins into a modern luxury cottage.


Firstly, we had to clear all the junk that had been lying there for at least 10 years. Old books, magazines, clothes and even school diplomas were left here. It filled six huge containers.

We decided to turn the small chambers into larger living spaces, so we demolished all the partitions inside. In the end, the floors and ceilings had to be demolished as well, because they were unsatisfactory according to our structural engineer.

Another challenge was the terrain around the house, as the whole Jílové region is one big rock and kilometers of tunnels where gold was mined. A dredger came to help, several spoons were broken, and a retaining wall had to be built, which holds the entire slope above the cottage.

This was followed by the replacement of windows, doors, and the entire roof. In the interior, we had to work on wiring, drywall, floors….

Finally, we are in 2021 and all the works are finished.