Chalupa Daisy Posázaví: rekreační ubytování blízko Prahy

5 reasons to spend your holidays in the Czech countryside this year

The year has come and gone, and once again the difficult task of planning the perfect family holiday is upon us. Whether you’re a die-hard fan of beach all-inclusive resort holiday or an enthusiastic tourist pulling a stroller on the cobblestones of European capitals, we’ll show you why you should choose to stay in the Czech countryside this year.

Fresh air and zero light smog

Did you know that even just two hours in the fresh air a week can contribute significantly to better mental and physical health? Now imagine how many hours of good health you will gain in a week’s holiday in nature! You can also take a break from annoying billboards and luminous dinner signs. Here, at most, the fireflies will shine in your eyes.

An active holiday

Are you tired of lounging on the beach? Is going from the bar to the pool not enough as your only daily activity? Then it’s time for a change. Hiking or cycling down hiking trails is a sure recipe for getting rid of boredom and coming home from your holiday with a wonderful experience.

Tastes best at home

After a busy day, we like to indulge in a proper feast. Czech cuisine tastes best in the proper countryside. We can make the evening more enjoyable by barbecuing or roasting marshmallows. Plus, we don’t have to worry about missing a cold Czech beer with our meal.

Escape from the hot weather

There’s nothing worse than being stuck in 30-degree heat in the middle of a hot square among the crowds of tourists. You’ll be much more comfortable in the woods, where the treetops provide much-needed shelter from the summer heat. Wouldn’t you rather cool off in the water? You can do that in a swimming pool or in rivers and streams. And if that’s not enough, Czech castles and chateaus also offer visitors a pleasant coolness in their interiors.

No signal = no problem

Nothing relieves work stress like an area without operator coverage. If your boss can’t reach you because of a bad signal, it’s not even possible to overwhelm you with “little things that only take 5 minutes”. The ultimate freedom awaits you in the most remote corner of the Czech meadows and groves, where only the chirping of a bird (and we don’t mean the blue one from Twitter) can reach you.