Chalupa Daisy Posázaví: rekreační ubytování blízko Prahy

The Taste of Posázaví: the best restaurants, cafés and pubs in the area

When preparing for an upcoming holiday, many of us are looking forward to the beautiful places we will visit and the amazing experiences we will take away from our adventure. When we visit a foreign country, we often want to get to know the local culinary specialties beforehand so that we have an idea of what delicacies we want to try in a new destination. However, if you’re familiar with the Czech cuisine, you might often skip this step and just improvise at your holiday destination. But of course, you run the risk of visiting mediocre restaurants and inadvertently missing out on the renowned ones. And that would be a shame! In today’s article, we’ll make your search a little easier. We will introduce you to a few restaurants from Posázaví that you should definitely not miss (not only) during your stay at our cottage Daisy.

Restaurant Florián

Let’s start with probably the most popular restaurant in the area. Restaurant Florián is located right on the square in Jílové u Prahy. During nice weather you will enjoy sitting in the courtyard garden or on the outdoor terrace overlooking the square. As it is a warm sunny Indian summer day, we chose the second option. But be sure to check out the inside of the establishment as well. The interior is reminiscent of a medieval tavern, but don’t expect any barbarians or wild fights inside. The restaurant offers Czech cuisine in a modern style. The dishes are prepared using local ingredients, mainly from a nearby eco-farm. As a specialty, you can taste, for example, wild boar burger or roasted trout. There is also a lunch menu available during the week. The beer on tap is from the Albrecht craft brewery, which comes from Frýdlant. On tap, besides the classic ten-degree beer, there are also wheat twelve-degree, black twelve-degree and other specials. It was our first time tasting the Frýdlant´s lager, but as lovers of the golden beverage we fell in love with its taste and it certainly wasn´t our last visit here. Overall, we cannot but recommend restaurant Florián to everyone. Moreover, if you plan to organize a larger private event in Posázaví, you can rent a hall with a capacity of 110 seats on the first floor and use the service of a very friendly staff. However, we were 108 people short at the moment of our visit, so we prefer to leave this service to others and move on to another great place.

Pizza na Náměstí

This small pizzeria on the square in Jílové could be easily overlooked. It is located opposite the previous restaurant, on the corner of Hornická Street. Don’t look for any secrets in its menu, you can order here exactly what the name suggests – excellent pizza. Specifically, you can choose from 48 varieties, and if you still hesitate over the choice, you can also choose extra ingredients for an extra charge. In addition to pizza, there are also 13 pasta dishes to choose from, including homemade potato gnocchi. We chose the Carbonara pizza, a variation on a popular Italian dish, which had a creamy base, with garlic, bacon, onion, cheese and egg. And it was really great! Unfortunately, the pizzeria doesn’t offer indoor seating, but they will make your pizza to go in a few minutes so you can enjoy it in a nearby park or take it to go. For us, this is an ideal, quick and popular dinner, accessible just a three minute drive from our cottage.

Pub U Holubů

Due to the less than ideal public transport connections, the previous mentioned establishments are mainly reachable by car or by bicycle. But what is the best way to get from our cottage on foot to somewhere where I can sit down and have a proper glass of cold beer? That’s exactly why we headed out to the neighbouring Luka pod Medníkem, where the U Holubů pub was awaiting us. This is an experience with everything, because the journey itself is a bit of a challenge. From our cottage Daisy, take a left until you reach a junction with a mirror. Take another left at the mirror. Continue through the woods above our cottage. Be careful here as you will pass a warning about the presence of entrances to abandoned mines, threatening to fall. However, if you stick to the beaten track, there is nothing to worry about. Keep going until you come to a clearing with a driveway. Follow it to the right until you reach a road. From here you will only go downhill to Luka pod Medníkem. The pub is located just behind the fire station on the left. The total journey will take you approximately 20 minutes. Are you worried about having to go all the way back up the hill? Don’t worry! There is a bus from the fire station every two hours, which stops at the Petrov, Bohuliby stop. This is the crossroads just before the turn to Bohuliby. Just check the timetables and plan your beer trip properly. The pub itself will take you back to the last century. The lovely country pub offers outdoor and indoor seating, Kozel on tap at more than fair price, a lunch menu and a little something to eat. You’ll probably meet a few regulars here, but also a few hiking families gathering strength for the journey. Don’t forget to bring cash as they don’t accept cards. Pub U Holubů probably won’t win a Michelin star with their unique gastronomy, but it’s exactly the kind of place you’ll appreciate after a long hike through the countryside.

Café Kandík

Do you need to replenish your caffeine levels or are you just craving something sweet? Then we definitely recommend visiting this café. You can find it on the other side of the Sázava River in the village of Hradišťko, but you would expect it to be somewhere in the centre of Prague. Apart from excellent coffee, you can taste handmade desserts, ice cream or a modern version of a classic open-faced sandwich. In the summer you can sit in their garden. Next to the café there is a post office, so it’s an ideal place where you can also have a bite to eat while writing your holiday greetings.

Bakery Hradišťko

If you will be in Hradišťko on Friday or on the weekend, be sure to go from the café to the nearby bakery. Here you can find several types of homemade bread, freshly baked buns or decorated gingerbread. And breakfast the next day is guaranteed!

Milujeme Točenou

If you’re in Davle, you won’t want to miss this place. It’s a famous place where people from the surrounding area head for ice cream. Located by the side of the road leading to Štěchovice, you can enjoy the sweet treat under the umbrellas in a pleasant seating area. It offers up to 12 types of ice cream, the flavours are regularly changed. And there is certainly no shortage of variety – plum and poppy seed, mascarpone or maybe cola? We’ll leave the choice up to you.

Taverna Thessaloniki Davle

You like Czech cuisine, but after a few days you would like to swap the sirloin and beef goulash for something a little different? How about Greek? You don’t have to go far for the authentic cuisine of the Peloponnesian peninsula. There is a small family-run business in Davle where you can sample dishes made with fresh ingredients imported directly from Greece. There are also desserts such as chalva and baklava, and drinks such as ouzo, retsina wine and Mythos beer. The typical blue wooden chairs and the decor will give you the atmosphere of a summer holiday by the sea. And if your visit was not enough, you can buy some of the Greek food and drinks on offer at home.

We hope that after reading this article, you are already salivating like we are. Posázaví has a lot to offer not only in terms of nature and culture, but also in terms of gastronomy. Whichever establishment you decide to visit, we hope that you will take away only the best from this beautiful region. And we have no other choice but to wish you a “Bon appetit”!